Staff Positions





Committees exist thanks to the creativity and passion of our director teams. You’ll be in charge of creating a background guide for your committee, and orchestrating its design and flow from the ground up. If you’ve ever wanted near limitless creative power and the ability to bring your ideas to life, this is the job for you! Please remember to specify whether you’re interested in helping in a GA, Specialist or Crisis committee in your application!

Key Work and Responsibilities:

  • Adaptability and creativity - for writing those amazing background guides!

  • Organisation and management - for overseeing your entire team and offering good judgement

  • Leading and speaking - for inspiring not just your team, but your delegates as well!


crisis MANAGER

We’re looking for creative masterminds that can adapt to situations and prompts at a moments notice. Crisis managers are responsible for managing the flow of crisis, bringing delegates together or pushing them apart at key moments. You’ll work in tandem with your crisis analysts to sow chaos or peace. Because of the nature of this job, previous MUN experience is recommended.

Key Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Adaptability and creativity - someone's gotta think of creative ways to mess with delegates!

  • Organisation and communication - you're going to be overseeing your ENTIRE crisis team. No pressure.

  • Computer competency - you're going to need to use spreadsheets, word docs, pictures, all in the name of organizing your chaos!


Never done MUN before but still want to help out with a director role? We got you covered with the perfect position for those that want to manage, but aren’t quite ready for the manager role yet. You’ll be working closely alongside your director and creative team to create the perfect committee. Please remember to specify whether you’re interested in helping in a GA, Specialist or Crisis Committee in your application!

Key Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Adaptability and creativity - you're gonna need to handle whatever is thrown at you!

  • Organisation and management - every team needs a secondary leader!

  • Speaking and understanding - you will be the link between the team and your leader!



Let’s be honest here. If you’re here to “assassinate” delegates, this is the job for you. The role of crisis analyst revolves around you messing up committee session at the expense of all the delegates. You’ll have a hand in orchestrating crisis with your manager and director teams, but you’ll be the ones to analyze notes from delegates and determine proper actions. Be prepared to carryout your crisis situations!

Key Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Creativity and speaking - you're the creator and instrument behind your crisis plans. Be ready!

  • Communication and co-operation - you and your team are going to be tight as glue over the conference! Co-operation is a must!

  • Adaptability and computer competency - you okay with switching documents or changing the rules a little bit? You'll be ready for anything!




You’re going to be at the helm of committee sessions, steering your committee from its uneventful beginning to its dramatic ending. You’ll also be working really closely alongside your director and crisis teams to organize chaos and create co-operation at key moments of committee session. Moderators are the prime connection between delegates, committee, and the rest of the team.

Key Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Communication and speaking - as the primary speaker during committee session, you'll need to engage and immerse your delegates in a story woven by the director and his team. Great chance to release your inner Morgan Freeman!

  • Computer competency - you're going to need to be on top of everything, and that requires being able to deal with technology with ease. It will also help with showing your delegates visualizations.

  • Understanding and adaptability - no one knows how committee session will unfold, not even you! Your mission is to make sure every transition and change is dealt with as smoothly as possible





Every conference needs its A-Team, and this is it! We’re going to need capable leaders that can manage up to 500 delegates at 9 AM on a frosty winter morning, and are able to adapt to situations that could pop up. Logistics are the lifeblood of UTMUN, and help delegates, committee, and other UTMUN members throughout the conference. Logistics members will also be key players in helping manage and organize delegate socials!

Logistics Officers will also receive training to become Equity Officers. Not only will you make UTMUN a more welcoming environment for all, but you will also receive a great new credential going forward.

Key Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Adaptability and versatility - whether its helping out as a page during committee session, or running to find an HDMI cable for a presentation, logistics members are our most adaptable and versatile of the staff at UTMUN.

  • Communication and co-operation - you're more than just a logistics staffer, you're still a member of your committee and the UTMUN family! You're going to be working closely with a committee to communicate and work your best! Hope you enjoy getting close with your peers!

  • Engagement and persistence - every conference inevitably has its moments of chaos. With dedicated logistics staff like you, we can overcome any hardships or obstacles with ease. When we're all working together for UTMUN, everyone wins.


Equity Officer

We are looking for an Equity Officer to serve leading up to, and during, our upcoming MUN conference. The Equity Officer will be tasked with developing a set of best practices for conference staff to ensure every delegate has an enjoyable, comfortable, and safe experience. This includes, but is not limited to, conducting equity training for all staff, working with the Secretariat to develop training practices, and mediating conflict where it is seen fit.

UTMUN prides itself in creating an environment where everyone feels respected. We look forward to the chosen candidate helping us achieve this goal of utmost importance.


  • Previous MUN experience is an asset

  • Past experience presenting to a medium- to large-size group

  • Past experience managing workflow for a project, organization, etc.

  • Familiarity with conflict resolution and equity issues