Logistics Team

Logistics Officer

Every conference has an A-Team, and this is it. You will work collaboratively with all the other staff members to disseminate important information related to registering 425+ delegates at 8AM on a cold wintery morning, spearheading opening and closing ceremonies, assisting in committee room setup, and ensuring the delegate social(s) are a wild success. It's crazy fun and we guarantee that it's well worth your time.

Academic Team

Director (GA, Specialized)

You are primarily responsible for everything academic. Your most important task is to produce a background guide that will serve as the first point of reference for delegates in your committee. Academic Directors will be on hand to ensure that the guide is academically solid and stellar before it is released to delegates in December. You will also work with your Moderator & Vice-Director on assigning awards to your best delegates and position papers.

Moderator (GA, Specialized)

When the committee is in session, the Moderator is the most important staff member in the room. You (and your trusty gavel) are responsible for ensuring that delegates adhere to procedure, and steering the discussion to keep it interesting. It is the ultimate test of one’s interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills. The close rapport you build with delegates makes it a truly rewarding experience.


Vice Director (GA)

Vice-Directors are the jack-of-all-trades. You will assist both the Moderator & Director with the running of the committee and responding to questions of academic nuance. This position is perfect for UofT students without any prior Model UN experience. You will get to experience and take part in the two main roles of running a committee, and thus be thoroughly exposed and immersed in the MUN experience.

Director (Crisis)

The role of Directors in Crisis differs slightly from those in GAs and Specialized Committees because they need to plan a committee that is constantly changing. This requires mapping out how they see it going and by coordinating with the Crisis team.  You will be responsible for preparing the background guide under the guidance of Academic Director Heather before it is released to delegates in December.

Moderator (Crisis)

This position is not so different from those in GAs and Specialized Committees. Moderators in a Crisis setting will have to deal with changing circumstances and help plan the course of the committee with their team. You will be an individual who thrives in high-energy and chaotic situations, with the ability to guide delegates to cope with never-ending crisis updates.

Crisis Manager

You will be responsible for figuring out how the various crisis will pop up unexpectedly during the conference. You will have the additional perk of managing a brilliant team of Crisis Analysts. Managers will help lead the creation of faux news articles, videos, acting in the committee room and announcements - all to further the many Crisis subplots. This role requires significant creativity, an ability to work under pressure, and great team management skills. Model UN and Crisis experience is strongly recommended.

Crisis Analyst

You will work in a team to create the plot for Crisis Committees as well as the materials in order to communicate the crisis to the delegates. This role requires staff to work under pressure, research effectively, and use strong creative skills. Ability to use Microsoft Office and photo/video editing software is a plus. A standard day can involve filming a hostage video, creating a realistic looking newspaper article, dressing up and acting in a committee, or charging into a committee to assassinate a delegate.