specialized committees


United Nations Security Council

Turkey is destabilizing as the turmoil in Syria spills over the border. President Erdogan is slowly enforcing autocratic reform in Turkey and prominent Salafists are calling for bellicose actions but civil unrest is growing within urban centers. The PKK are steadily increasing insurgency activities within the country, aggravating the situation. Meanwhile, reports suggest a biological weapon has been armed by a terrorist cell within the region. The United Nations Security Council has been called to address and contain the growing unrest in the region in order to prevent it from exacerbating the Syrian conflict. Furthermore, the Security Council must attempt to prevent the detonation of a biological weapon in the region and draft a contingency plan should they fail. It is critical to enforce international norms against the use of biological weapons.


Coalition Provisional Authority: The Reconstruction of Iraq, 2004

The United States has deposed Sadame Hussein and the Ba’ath Party in Iraq and now plan on reconstructing a democratic government. The Coalition Provisional Authority, a transitional government lead by the United States, has been established in order to rebuild and secure Iraq. A committee, with representatives from the United States government, NATO representatives, Kurdistan Regional Government and Iraqi civil servants have convened in order to form a strategic plan for reconstruction. Insurgency has spread and violence continues; NGOs and UN workers are wary of providing aid in Iraq without security. Elections need to be planned and secured and infrastructure must be rebuilt. In a country under occupation, can the committee make progress towards stability?


The 69th FIFA Congress, 2019

Following an expose on the human rights abuses in Qatar’s preparation for the 2022 World Cup, the international spotlight is on FIFA at the advent of the 69th FIFA Congress. Members must meet to reexamine qualifications for potential hosts amid allegations of corruption and human rights abuses. Additionally, Members must screen potential bidders for the 2026 World Cup and elect a winner. Moreover, international pressure is mounting to impeach Gianni Infantino as President of FIFA and put someone else at the helm. Can the Congress restore FIFA’s reputation and refocus the organization’s direction?


9th Politburo of the Communist Party of China, 1969



African Union