Thinking of joining the 2020 Secretariat? We are looking for driven, creative, and dedicated individuals to lead our 2020 conference. You will work with the 2020 Secretariat for a 1-year term starting April 2019. To be eligible, you must be a University of Toronto student. For more details, read the position descriptions below. Please note all positions are unpaid.

Secretariat Breakdown

The Secretariat is comprised of two different Boards: The Executive Board and the Directors' Board.

The Executive Board is elected. Executive Board candidates need two years’ experience in UTMUN as either a staff or Secretariat member, unless no other suitable candidates can be found. The Secretary-General must have at least one year’s experience on the Secretariat. There are 5 seats on the Executive Board. These positions are:

  • Secretary-General

  • Under Secretary-General, External

  • Under Secretary-General, Operations

  • Under Secretary-General, Academic

  • Director of Finance.

The Directors' Board consists of 8 members and is hired by the Secretary-General. The Directors' Board positions are:

  • Chargé(e) D'Affaires

  • Director of Operations

  • Director of Public Relations

  • Director of Design and Branding

  • Deputy Director of Design and Branding

  • Director of General Assemblies

  • Director of Specialized Committees

  • Director of Crisis Committees. 

Please direct any questions to the Supervisory Committee at info@utmun.org.

Note: This is a non-exhaustive list. Additional roles and tasks may be added or redistributed at the discretion of the 2020 Secretary-General.

Secretariat Position Descriptions

Applications for Executive Board positions are due Saturday, March 16 at 11:59PM. Executive Board applicants must also fill out a time poll so elections can be planned: http://whenisgood.net/utmunEBelections.

All other applications are due Saturday, March 23 at 11:59PM.

Applications submitted past their due date will not be considered.

All Applicants must apply online on the form provided below.
Incomplete applications will not be considered, and must include a CV/Resume sent to info@utmun.org. If you do not email a CV/Resume your application will not be considered.

Director of Design and Branding applicants will be expected to provide a small portfolio of their past design/branding work. This work does not have to be published. Personal work is fine! Submit your portfolio to info@utmun.org.

Both a Director of Design and Branding and Deputy Director of Design and Branding will be hired from the pool of Director of Design and Branding applicants.

Application Form

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Note: Executive Board positions are marked "EB" and Directors' Board Positions are marked "DB". Refer to the descriptions above for the different Boards' deadlines.
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If you applied for an EB position, you must fill out the elections time poll at http://whenisgood.net/utmunEBelections.
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