UTMUN 2019 secretariat



Harry Twyford

Year: 4th

Program: International Relations, Computer Science

Harry Twyford is a fourth-year Trinity College student. He is studying International Relations and Computer Science. He has been involved with UTMUN since his first year, and this is his third year on the UTMUN Secretariat. Harry is thrilled to be leading the Secretariat as Secretary-General. As Secretary-General, he values cooperation, having fun, and enthusiastic usage of the messaging app Slack.

Outside of UTMUN, Harry is deeply involved in Trinity College student life. He is the Speaker and former Prime Minister of the Trinity College Literary Institute (“the Lit”), Canada’s oldest debating society. It ought also be mentioned that the Lit is a satirical debate club. His duties as Speaker mostly comprise yelling jokes and wearing absurd costumes.

Harry can’t wait to meet this year’s UTMUN delegates. He sincerely hopes UTMUN 2019 is the best Model UN conference they have ever attended.

Email: info@utmun.org

Academic branch


Under-Secretary General, Academics


Year: 3rd

Program: Political Science (specialist), Philosophy (minor), Mathematics (minor)

Andrew is excited to be returning to UTMUN staff as the Under-Secretary General, Academics for UTMUN 2019. He will be overseeing the entire academic branch this year, working with the branch directors to set the academic direction of the conference. This is Andrew’s third year on UTMUN Staff and his first on the Secretariat. At the university, Andrew’s main academic focus is political science, and he is especially interested in electoral politics, Chinese politics, and American politics.

Andrew is a big hockey fan (go Flames!) and listens to all kinds of music (indie, musicals, hip hop, classical, the whole shebang). So if you want to talk about anything from hockey to Tchaikovsky to electoral systems, Andrew is your guy.

Email: academics@utmun.org


director of general assemblies


Year: 3rd

Program: Physics, Statistics, and Math

Having participated in UTMUN as a delegate, then as staff in the General Assemblies branch last year, Mike is thrilled to be joining the Secretariat for 2019! As Director of General Assemblies, he is excited to see his vision for the committees this year come to fruition, through the hard work of his staff, and through insightful debate by the delegates.

Outside of UTMUN, Mike is the Keelboat Caption for the UofT Sailing team, and is involved with satirical debate through the Trinity College Literary Institute. In his spare time, he enjoys re-watching sitcoms on Netflix, and reminding Montreal Canadiens fans that John Tavares didn’t even give their team an interview during his Free Agency.

Email: ga@utmun.org




Year: 2nd

Program: International Relations

Anvesh will be serving as the Director of Specialized Committees for UTMUN 2019. For over five years, Model UN has been a way for him to escape into the endlessly fascinating realms of history, and to take part in the great battles and debates of the day. He is excited to craft a similarly engaging experience for the delegates of this year’s UTMUN conference. As Director, he will cooperate with his staff members to produce dynamic Specialized committees that will enshrine the spirit of Model UN and challenge delegates to think beyond the conventional. For Anvesh, Model UN was the catalyst that led him to studying international relations at U of T today.

When he’s not scrambling between committee sessions, you can find Anvesh in a couple places. He might be writing poetry in a Tim Horton’s at 1am, consuming copious amounts of garam chai, or settling the debate on the greatest limited overs Cricket batsman of the modern era (has to be either Viv, Sachin, or possibly Kohli). On rare occasions you might even catch him actually doing work!

Email: specialized@utmun.org


Director of Crisis Committees

Sinan van der Hoeven

Year: 2nd

Program: International Relations, Contemporary Asian Studies, Political Science

Sinan has been involved with Model UN for the past 10 years and is involved in various MUN clubs throughout UofT. This is his second time doing UTMUN and he is thrilled to be serving as Director of Crisis this year. He finished his last 2 years of high school at a boarding school in Japan and this is where his interest for Asian politics and history started. Sinan loves video games, spending time with his pets, and will talk with you for days about the music that he listens to. These are all great conversation starters, so if you're ever intimidated to approach him just ask him a question about one of these topics. Crisis related or not, feel free to contact him on any questions you may have!

Email: crisis@utmun.org


director of JOINT crisis committees

Adil Rehman

Year: 4th

Program: History, Political Science, and Middle Eastern Studies

Adil Rehman is entering his fourth year, pursuing a degree in History, Political Science, and Middle Eastern studies. He strongly believes that the best application of his knowledge in these areas is in creating Model UN Crisis committees, something he has been doing for an embarrassingly long time. This year, he is proud to be serving as the Director of Joint Crisis committees for UTMUN, as well as the Director-General of Academic Affairs for SSICsim.

In his personal life, Adil enjoys cooking, playing guitar, and finding new ways to make coffee, all while claiming not to be a hipster. He hopes to one day become a writer, but will frankly settle for just about anything at this point.

Email: jcc@utmun.org


Under-secretary General, Operations

ChrisTOPHER Chiasson

Year: 4th

Program: Political Science

Christopher first began doing Model UN in Grade 12, it has distracted him from school work ever since.

As USG Operations, Christopher hopes to make sure delegates' conference experience is as smooth as possible. A delegate's brain energy should be spent on developing creative solutions, not finding their committee room. Typically, the U of T campus is quite snowy during the conference. Christopher is looking into ways to curb this nuisance. The governing board of U of T has not yet responded to his request of putting a dome over the entirety of campus.

Email: operations@utmun.org



Rachel Tran

Year: 2nd

Program: Rotman Commerce, Computer Science

Rachel is a second-year Trinity College student studying Rotman Commerce and Computer Science. She first got involved with Model UN in Grade 12 and decided to pursue her interest upon entering university. After serving as a Vice Director for Interpol last year, Rachel is thrilled to be joining the UTMUN 2019 Secretariat! In her role as the Director of Operations, Rachel will oversee the logistics team and work with the Equity Officer to ensure that the conference runs seamlessly.  When she is not procrastinating her schoolwork, Rachel can be found admiring corgis, drinking coffee and reading up on the latest fashion trends.

Email: dirops@utmun.org



Director general

Chloe Bray

Year: 4th

Program: International Relations, Spanish, Latin American Studies

Chloe is a fourth year student studying International Relations, Spanish, and Latin American Studies. This is her third year being involved with UTMUN and her second year on the Secretariat. This year she will be serving as Director General, assisting the Secretary-General in conference affairs and overseeing parts of the UTMUN Secretariat. Chloe found she had a passion for Model UN during her second year, when she served as Vice-Director of the International Press Corps at UTMUN 2017. Outside of UTMUN, she is the President of the Trinity College Volunteer Society, which puts on community outreach and fundraising events around campus. In her spare time she loves experimenting with new recipes, watching Spanish Netflix dramas, and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Email: directorgeneral@utmun.org


Director of public relations

Nina Lu

Year: 3rd

Program: International Relations and Ethics, Society, and Law

Nina is excited to continue her involvement with UTMUN as the Director of Public Relations. She became involved with Model UN just a year ago, but since then, she has become deeply involved in Model UN at the University of Toronto. She is excited to create and promote a similar adventure for this year’s delegates and staff that entices them into the world of UTMUN.

When she is not working on the UTMUN social media accounts, she is addicted to watching various reality shows and conspiracy videos with a cup of green tea. She loves to trap people into discussions about international politics and weird animal facts.

Email: pr@utmun.org


Director of Design & Technology


Year: 2nd

Program: Statistics and Cognitive Science

Will Zich is in his second year of studying statistics and cognitive science. Despite never liking math in high school, he cites his amazing teacher for AP Statistics in grade 12 for sparking his interest in the field. Will has work experience as a data engineer and web designer, and is eager to be putting his design skills to work for this year’s UTMUN.

Will is new to Model UN, but is enjoying learning about the format of conferences, thinking about how the design of shirts, pens, and case guides can give a thrilling sense of immersion to delegates. As a hobby, he enjoys doing tech theatre work, as he maintains an interest in the “behind the scenes” of presentations and events.

Outside of MUN, Will spends as much free time as he can making memes in an effort to build a sense of community and unity amongst students at the university.

Email: design@utmun.org



ALison Dudu

Year: 2nd

Program of Study: International Relations and Economics

Alison Dudu is a second year student studying International Relations and Economics. This is her second year with UTMUN and her first year on the Secretariat. She is excited to serve at this year’s Chargé D’Affaires, communicating with schools and coordinating registration. Alison has been involved in Model UN for the last 5 years, exploring her interests across a wide variety of committees and conferences.

Outside of UTMUN, Alison is involved in a variety of different activities. She continues her competitive model UN career with UNSOC, the University of Toronto travelling model UN team. At Trinity College, she is involved with the Trinity College Literary Institute - the college’s satirical debating society. She also works at a blockchain and financial technology startup where she loves learning from her more technology-savvy coworkers.

Alison looks forward to working with schools and students in this year’s UTMUN 2019!

Email: registration@utmun.org