UTMUN 2018 secretariat


Melika Shafiee Nyestanak

Year: 4th

Program: Peace, Conflict & Justice and Ethics, Society & Law, Minor in Spanish

Having participated in UTMUN as a delegate, a staff member, and two terms as a Secretariat member, Melika is delighted to return to UTMUN for a fifth year, this time as the Secretary General.  She is delighted to have been granted the honor of spear heading UTMUN 2018.  Melika plans on expanding the current efficient model for the conference by delving into a more international and inclusive framework. At the University of Toronto, she has been given the privilege of serving on the Student Union (UTSU) as a Board Member.

In her personal life, Melika enjoys reading about Putin, watching the X-Files, or getting into heated political debates. Aspiring to work for the Iranian government one day, she is passionate about Middle Eastern politics and the critical examination of interventionism and neoliberalism. She spends an unhealthy amount of time with her Secretariat, and is becoming increasingly concerned with their coffee/caffeine intake.

Email: info@utmun.org


Academic branch

Under-Secretary General Academics


Year: 3rd

Program: Economics and Public Policy

David is excited to be returning to UTMUN once again! As a high school student he participated in UTMUN for three years, and held his first secretariat role last year as Director of General Assemblies. As Under-Secretary General Academic, David is keen to work with the other members of the Secretariat to provide the best conference experience possible, and build on his experiences. David has a passion for international economics, politics, security, and health, and strongly believes that exploring these topics through MUN educates and engages students at all levels.

Beyond UTMUN, David is a Research Assistant in the Department of Economics, an editor of the Undergraduate Economic Review. David also spends way too much time reading Pitchfork, drinking way too much coffee, and following Toronto sports teams.

Email: academics@utmun.org

director of general assemblies


Year: 2nd

Program of Study: History Specialist, Political Science Minor, Human Geography Minor

Tom is excited to be acting as Director of General Assemblies at UTMUN 2018. His Model UN interest started in high school and continued through to U of T. Having experienced UTMUN GAs from the standpoint of both delegate and vice-director; he is ready to take up the mantle of administering the biggest (and, he would argue, the best) committees at this year’s conference. From his past experiences in GAs, Tom hopes to make the GAs at UTMUN 2018 as great as possible for all delegates, both beginners and veterans.

Tom is a 2nd year History specialist with an interest in Canadian history and the legacies of empire. He is also pursuing minors in Political Science and Human Geography, and has produced a documentary about public memory in Nova Scotia. Tom is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Studies Undergraduate Journal. In his spare time, he plays intramural soccer at Vic, watches The Simpsons on repeat (but only seasons 1-9), and satiates his coffee addiction at different cafes across Toronto.

Email: generalassemblies@utmun.org

Director of specialized agencies


Year: 4th

Program: History and Political Science

Arthur will be serving as the Director of Specialized Committees for UTMUN 2018. Model UN has been a rewarding forum of debate for Arthur and he is thrilled to construct engaging committees for UTMUN'18 delegates. As Director, he will work closely with the Specialized staff to provide an immersive experience exploring historical, fictional, and regional scenarios. Arthur is a fourth year at U of T studying political science and history. He has seven years of MUN experience as a moderator, director and award-winning delegate throughout North America. 

Beyond MUN, Arthur is a policy analyst for Elections Ontario, a research assistant at the Global Summitry Project and an editor for the Undergraduate Journal of American Studies. He intends to pursue a degree in law after his undergrad. You can find him around campus buried under books in the stacks of Robarts, stuffing himself with all-you-can-eat sushi or drowning in coffee. 

Email: specialized@utmun.org

director of crisis committees

Adil Rehman

Year: 3rd

Program: History, Political Science, & Near Middle Eastern Civilizations

Adil Rehman is in his third year of studies in History, Political Science, and Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. He is heavily involved throughout the Model UN community at UofT, and has worked in just about every role related to crisis committees. He is thrilled to be UTMUN’s Director of Crises this year!

If he's not studying or preparing for UTMUN, it is because he is avoiding his responsibilities, probably by cooking, playing the guitar, or repeatedly hitting refresh on his twitter page to see if people are liking his tweets. He hopes to one day become a child prodigy, or failing that, a writer.

Email: crisis@utmun.org



Director of Strategic Planning


Year: 3rd

Program: Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, Specializing in Egyptology and Archaeology, Minor in German

Jason Silvestri is a third-year student pursuing a specialist degree in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (Ancient Stream) and a minor in German Studies. He hopes to become a professional Egyptologist after many years of graduate school. Jason has been involved in UTMUN since his first year, and is excited to return to the secretariat, having served as the Director of Crisis Committees last year. With just under a decade of MUN experience, he hopes to help improve the functionality of UTMUN in his new role as the Director of Strategic Planning. When he is not reading 5000 year old texts or helping make UTMUN the best MUN conference in Canada, Jason enjoys international travel, eating his way through Toronto’s many ethnic restaurants, and hiking and kayaking throughout his home state of Massachusetts.

Email: jason@utmun.org

Under-Secretary General LOGISTICS


Year: 3rd

Program of Study: History Specialist and International Relations Major

Graydon is a third year student at Trinity College and is returning to UTMUN for a 3rd year. He looks forward to fulfilling his obligations as Under-Secretary General and hopes to make this year's conference the best one yet! Outside of UTMUN, Graydon is a volunteer piano teacher, Co-President of the International Relations Society, and remains involved within the broader UofT community. Graydon spends his summers working for SCUBA diving shop as a Boat Captain and Dive Master. In his free time he enjoys sailing, hiking, and looking for the best Persian food around town. Otherwise Graydon can be found on campus drinking his four cups of coffee and stressing about his Canadian Foreign Policy papers.

Feel free to reach out to him with any questions!

Email: graydon@utmun.org




Year: 3rd

Program: Majoring in International Relations and Peace, Conflict and Justice StudiesMinor in Psychology

Molly is in currently in her third year, pursuing a major in International Relations, Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies with a minor in Psychology. This is her second year with UTMUN after working as a chair last year. She's very excited to continue her involvement with Model UN as the Director of Operations and Logistics. In this role, Molly will help manage the conference's logistics through the overseeing of the conference venue and equipment. She looks forward to working with the conference staff and meeting the delegates. Whilst not busy with UTMUN, Molly can be found editing student journals, studying at cafes and drinking various types of teas.

Email: operations@utmun.org



Director general

harry twYford

Year: 3rd

Program of Study: International Relations and Computer Science

Harry Twyford is a third-year student studying International Relations and Computer Science at Trinity College. This is his third year being involved with UTMUN and his second year on the Secretariat. This year, he is serving as Director-General, assisting the Secretary-General in conference affairs and overseeing parts of the UTMUN Secretariat. Harry originally got involved with Model UN in Grade 12, when he was a member of the Secretariat putting on his high school's conference. He is also involved in Trinity's extracurricular life, where he leads the Trinity College Literary Institute -- another debating club, albeit one that is more satirical. He is thrilled to be returning to UTMUN this year, where he will focus on expanding and improving the conference. He looks forward to meeting all conference participants!

Email: directorgeneral@utmun.org

Director of public relations

Maryam Rahimi

Year: 4th

Program: International Relations and Political Science

Maryam is a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto, majoring in International Relations and Political Science. She is incredibly excited to serve as Director of Public Relations for UTMUN 2018. In addition to politics, Maryam is also a coffee enthusiast, so much that she volunteers at a coffee shop just so that she can be surrounded by coffee's quintessential roasty smell and taste for at least some part of her day. When Maryam is not busy engaging in heated political topics or admiring coffee beans, you can find her binge watching any movie featuring Tom Hanks or listening to James Blunt's songs on repeat for hours.

Email: publicrelations@utmun.org

Director of Design & Technology


Year: 3rd

Program: Political Science Specialist

Ryan Truong is the acting director of design and technology for UTMUN 2018, going into his third year of study at the University of Toronto St. George as a political science specialist and psychology minor. Ryan is ready to bring a fresh take to UTMUN 2018’s design and technology departments by creating engaging promotional and conference material for delegates and staff, as well as finding new ways of implementing and managing technology throughout the conference.

As someone from with an extensive history in MUN, Ryan understands how every branch in a conference works with one another to bring an unforgettable experience for every single one of its delegates and staff.

Aside from MUN, Ryan also participates in photography clubs across campus. When he’s not busy drumming up drafts of ideas in Adobe Illustrator or running to find an HDMI converter for someone’s Macbook; he can be found watching terrible cinema unironically, playing Age of Empires II, or trying to find free coffee around campus.

Email: design@utmun.org


ASSOCIATE Director of Design & Technology


Year: 2nd

Program: Rotman Commerce

Auj Hamayun is a 2nd year Trinity College student, studying commerce at Rotman. Passionate about the arts, she continues to seek projects at the very intersection of the arts and business, from marketing to graphic design. During UTMUN 2017, she will serve at the Deputy Director of Design and Technology, hoping to improve the experiences of all delegates.

As a past delegate, conference press reporter, and UTMUN Crisis Moderator, she hopes her experience will allow her to bring design and technological improvements that both delegates and staff can experience. Thus, she wishes to continue engaging delegates leading up to, and during the entire conference, both digitally, and in-person, through conference and committee materials.

Additionally, Auj currently serves as the Assistant Chair for the Arbor Room & Students Projects Subcommittee, where she effectively curates, programs, installs, plans and markets professional exhibitions with submissions from students with a team.

Email: deputydesign@utmun.org




Year: 3rd

Program of Study: International Relations and Spanish

Chloe Bray is a third year student studying International Relations and Spanish. This is her second year being involved with UTMUN and her first year on the Secretariat. This year she will be serving as Chargé D’Affaires, coordinating registration and staying in contact with conference participants. Chloe only became involved with Model UN last year, but quickly found she had a passion for it and tremendously enjoyed her time serving as Vice-Director of the International Press Corps at UTMUN 2017. Outside of UTMUN, she is the secretary of the Trinity College Volunteer Society, which puts on community outreach and fundraising events around campus. She is also an associate editor for Kawsaxkuna, the University of Toronto Journal of Latin American Studies, and hopes to one day work for a human rights organization in Latin America. She looks forward to working with students and schools as we approach UTMUN 2018!

Email: registration@utmun.org

Director of Corporate Relations


Year: 3rd

Program: Mechanical Engineering & Economics

Andrea has been involved in Model UN since before she started high school. This year she will join the UTMUN Secretariat for her second term, this time as Director of Corporate Relations. She will be the point of contact between the Secretariat and any internal and external organizations that wish to be involved with UTMUN 2018.

Andrea studies Mechanical Engineering and is deeply passionate about robotics. She is also interested in economics and business and is most excited to work with external organizations, such as hotels and sponsors, in preparation for UTMUN 2018. In her spare time, you can find her riding her bike, drinking tea, and talking about robots.

Email: corporaterelations@utmun.org