Best Position Paper Award

At the end of the conference, each committee director will award one delegate the Best Position Paper Award. If a delegate wishes to be bestowed this honour, it is highly advisable to put as much effort as possible, and submit it on time.

What is a position paper?

A position paper is a short 2 -3 page, single spaced, essay that details a country’s position on the topics that will be discussed in their respective committee. A position paper is designed to help prepare the delegate for the conference by clearly organizing their assigned country’s position on the topics at hand.

What should be in a position paper?

Like any essay, the first paragraph should begin with an introduction. In this case, the introduction will briefly introduce the country and their history in relation to the committee. Delegates are advised to not spend too much time on this portion of the position paper.

The body of the position paper should consist of a comprehensive analysis, from the position of the assigned country, on the topics to be discussed in the committee. The content of the body  should include, but not limited to, the country’s policy on the committee topics; any past, present or future actions taken by the country, both domestically and internationally, concerning the topics; and any proposals the country wishes to see in a resolution.


All positions papers should contain a short bibliography at the end, citing the sources used. Chicago style is the preferred method of citation, and the background guides may be used as an example. As a rule, any idea that is not common knowledge (ie. the Sun sets in the West), requires a citation. Background guides without citations will not be counted, and delegates will be ineligible for awards. 

What format should the position paper be?

As stated previously, the position paper should be 2-3 pages, single spaced in length. It should be completed as a digital .docx file. The recommended font is 12 in Times New Roman. In General Assemblies and some Specialized committees as the delegate will be representing a country, the position paper must be written in third person.

What if the delegate is representing a person and not a country in a special/crisis committee?

Similar rules apply for delegates not representing a country. The only difference between these delegates and “country delegates” is that the position paper should be written in first person. Aside from that, the contents of the position paper and format are identical.

Who do I send the position paper to?

Completed position papers must be submitted to the committee director via e-mail. The director’s e-mail can be found at the bottom of the welcome letter (the first page of the background guide). If it is missing or does not work, here is a comprehensive list of our directors' emails by committee:










UN Security Council:

African Union:


69th FIFA Congress:

The 9th Politburo of the Communist Party of China:

CPA: The Reconstruction of Iraq:



The Witcher:

Appanage Russia:

The Imposed War:

Taking the Isles:

Ending the Raj:

Apple Inc.: 

If you have any questions or concerns please email the Under-Secretary-General Academic,