Canadian physicist and chemist infected with radiation poisoning

By: Associated Press  

May 21, 1945

Editor’s  Note:  The  shortest  articles  can  pack  the  greatest  punch. E.  Coady, an embedded journalist  from  the  Associated  Press  present at  the  Manhattan  Project committee,  wrote  the following article which revealed to the world the existence of an American nuclear weapon. This article changed the course of history, presenting a massive crisis for the delegates deliberating on  the  Manhattan  Project.  Coady  avoided  jail  time  and  bribery  proposed by  the  delegates to send this news article out on the AP wire.

Dr.  Louis  Slotin,  a  prize  winning  Canadian  physicist  and  chemist  has  become infected  with radiation poisoning when working onan unknown project for the United States government. Hisparents  have  been  informed of  his  deteriorating  condition  and  have  been  told  thathewill  not live. They have reason to believe that Dr. Slotin was working with the government on a process involving a bomb, and have assumed that their son’s radiation poisoning and the bomb he was working on  are  connected.  Given  the  connection  between  the  radiation  and  the  bomb,  speculation has arisen about the development of an atomic bomb on American soil. The parents are calling for the government to reveal the cause of their son’s radiation poisoning. Slotin  was  a  graduate  from  the  University of  Manitoba  and  had  studied at  King’s  College London. His contributions to the scientific field were invaluable.  We will continue to report as new information is revealed.