Russia “More concerned on global impact” of refugee crisis

Muhammad Ahsan/ Press TV

On the morning of February 10, 2017, delegates representing various countries around the world gathered at the Human Rights Council at Toronto to discuss a vast amount of issues. The main debate throughout the day was the Syrian refugee crisis which has taken the world by storm. 

The delegation of Russia emphasized that they are “mainly focused to mend the relationship,” referring to the strong tensions between the rebels and the Assad administration. 

Being an ally of Syria and a supporter of the Assad administration, when the Russian delegate was asked about the war crimes committed by the Assad administration, the answer was logical and clear, the delegate claimed that Russia is currently “more concerned on global impact”. 

The delegation made it very clear that if the relationship between the rebels and the government continued to worsen, it would make ISIS much stronger and would also become a very dangerous international issue, putting many countries at risk. The delegation showed their country’s concern and worry for the citizens of all countries around the world. 

Western countries raised questions about Russia’s interest for the better of Syrian civilians. Bashar Al-Assad, the president of Syria has met very often with Russian President Vladimir Putin to speak about various middle eastern issues related to Israel and ISIS. The Russian delegation made clear that their only purpose was to ensure peace to an ally and further strengthen economic and military ties. 

Russia has been supporting the current unstable Syrian government in their battle against ISIS intensively since the summer of 2016. The Russian military had conducted around 1,000 airstrikes against ISIS to support and strengthen the Syrian Army’s position. 

Russia has also carried out a successful aerial campaign in Aleppo and played a large role in taking back the city of Aleppo. Furthermore, all military action was a request from the Syrian government, and Iran is also offering support to Damascus for advice related to military action. 

With regards to the refugee crisis, the Syrian delegation strongly encouraged all economically capable countries in the middle east, especially from the Arab coalition, to accept more refugees in order for the fight against ISIS to become easier. Syria also emphasized the importance of European countries keeping their borders open to refugees, as most of them are economically strong and are well established full democracies.