Muhammad Al-Abdul: "This is a clear act of war!”

Muhammmad Ahsan/ Press TV

Muhammad Al-Abdul claims the Shi’ites must act quickly to attack the Maronites in response to a hospital and school bombing.

On July 14, 1978, leaders from various opposing militias gathered to discuss the issue of the Lebanese civil war, specifically with regards to the Maronites. Tensions have existed between the Maronites and Shi’ites for centuries, and has claimed thousands of innocent lives. 

Earlier this year, the Shi’ites had suspected the Maronites of bombing a hospital and school, further intensifying the conflict. Famous Shi’ite cleric Muhammad Al-Abdul has interpreted this as a call for action, with the action indicative of war. He also believes in forming a united Shi’ite nation which fights against the oppression of Israel. 

Muhammad Al-Abdul has received backing and support from "Syed" Abbas Al-Musawi, who is a prominent Shi’ite based in Lebanon. Al-Musawi claims that the only way Shi’ites will be victorious is when "all other factions are eliminated”. He also emphasized that “only Muslims can rule other Muslims”, and thus, Lebanon must have a Muslim President. 

The secularists of Lebanon agreed to support the Shi’ites with 1,000,000 Lebanese pounds on the condition of cutting all economic and military ties with Israel. In response to the offer, the Shi’ites ended their relationship with Israel. 

Israel had a strategic importance in this conflict, as they trained Lebanese troops in the South. The only two figures who were initially against Israel are Abbas Al-Musawi, and Nabih Berri. 

As the conflict was in place, another tragedy occurred which further heated the discussion. Ragheb Harb, an anti-Israeli Imam’s family was murdered but the Maronites as his guards failed to perform their job successfully and fell asleep at night. Despite the sadness and disparity, he showed courage as a Shia Muslim and claimed he was “sick” of his current life and wanted to move on.

The Maronites also left his wife’s ear back at the murder scene for reasons unknown till now. Ragheb responded by simply stating “She wore a hijab anyways”. Tough love.

Muhammad Al-Abdul responded by saying this was a clear indication of war, and claimed that the Maronites will move on with their Horrendous acts. He also emphasized the possibility of his family being murdered as he stated, “Maybe my family will be kidnapped, who knows?".

Ragheb later had his entire security staff publicly executed.

Abbas Al-Musawi and Muhammad Al-Abdul stated that the Maronites’ attacks have “insulted the glory of Islam” and now, as Al-Musawi stated, it is not “time for talk, it's time for action”.