China’s Attitude to Trump’s Tweet: “No war would start."

Queena Li/Al Jazeera

China’s stance about Donald Trump’s tweet about the South China Sea: “A tweet is just a tweet, a war cannot start over a tweet.”

Trump tweets about China’s current navigation in the South China Sea on Feb 11, 2017: “China is being super aggressive! SAD! We must respond, I’ve got the best people talking. It’ll be EASY D!”. The delegate of both the United States and China has confirmed that the message would not affect the relationship between two countries.

Trump as a Twitter user had tweeted much personal judgment about issues of China. Wang YiWei, a professor of international relationship at Beijing's elite Renmin University, had stated that some tweets of Trump’s comment, for example, on the South China Sea and “One China” policy, makes the public confused¹.

During a break of the United Nation Security Council’s debate on the South China Sea, both the delegate of China and the delegate of the US has confirmed that the words of what Trump just tweeted would not affect the two countries’ attitude.

“The United States and China have clarified that they’re both exercising their right and freedom to navigation and therefore they do not intend on having any military motion. However, the United States wants to get a partial view of what the topic is by sending in two American naval ships to see what Japan and China have been doing.” said the delegate of United State.

The delegate of the United States clarifies that the motion of both countries is just regular-based navigation, doesn’t contain any implied meaning.

For Trump’s use of term “aggressive,” the delegate of China emphasizes that China is and is willing to be a peace-loving country. In the current state, the situation will not change significantly unless there is some true impact on China's sovereignty. The representative of China states that:

“A tweet is just a tweet; a war cannot start over a tweet. The United States is simply using it’s right and freedom to navigation so nothing can really be done at this point. But until the South China Sea is facing an immediate threat, China would peacefully navigate around the water.” 

Both Countries have the stance that the South China Sea situation will not have a sudden transaction. 

Donald Trump has soon recalled the tweet and starts tweets about his daily life; the public's focus turned to his use of the words "EASY D" and argued around the meaning of this word.