Chernobyl Is a ‘Blunder’!

[Pictured: Ukrainian Delegate far left speaking against Res.1.2Sorsha Asady/RT]

[Pictured: Ukrainian Delegate far left speaking against Res.1.2Sorsha Asady/RT]

Russia Today, Sorsha Asady

A frightening nuclear explosion has taken place in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Pripyat, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union. The disaster immediately took the lives of 31 innocent civilians; outraged and horrified, citizens of Pripyat are understandably seething.

Prior to the disastrous event, a resolution proposed by Mikhail Gorbachev, Alexander Yakovlev and Czechoslovakia regarding nuclear and technological advances was passed. The resolution was supported by the backing of the Scientific Council of the USSR. Scientists involved had stated that nuclear energy could only be produced in Ukraine for a 5 year period, after which it would be dangerous.

Gorbachev, Secretary of the Communist Party was shocked by the Chernobyl incident, and in response to the Ukrainian representative on the incident, stated “The resolution simply did not go far enough”.

Finger are previously stressed their opposition against the resolution. However, as the Georgian and Romanian delegates strongly declared, blaming must be put to an end in order to ensure that the camaraderie of nations will stay intact. 

The Ukrainian delegate emphasized that they are not willing to forgive the previous resolution for its life threatening inaccuracy. Scientists had guaranteed a 5 year safety period in regards to nuclear energy production, this has proven to be inaccurate and costly.

 “The 5 year period was a blunder!”, exclaimed the Ukrainian delegate after being retold the agreements of the resolution. Ukrainian citizens of Pripyat are forced to live with the harmful effects caused by fellow ‘brat’ (brothers). They demand direct apologies from the USSR and Scientific Council. 

The Comecon debate included multiple heated arguments between Russians and Ukrainians, with the blame being given to various members present.

Nations of Comecon quickly looked to blame the most prominent nation, Russia - instead of proposing solutions on how to further prevent damage, members are admonishing their own brethren.

“It is not Russia’s fault, we were under the impression that it was a safe course of action that was recommended to better the nuclear power of the USSR and Ukraine”, voiced a frustrated Gorbachev. This is a reasonable response and the USSR has the right to respond defensively, as no nation could predict such a terrible outcome.

As the blame and the pointing of fingers continues to sprawl throughout Comecon, the organization is distancing into many different sectors with opposing views.

Despite rising tension between members, the health and safety of civilians remains a priority amongst all representatives. Nuclear activity is said to cause extreme health problems, birth defects and recurring deaths. The Scientific Council suggested that by treating those affected with iodine pills and confining them to quarantine, the harmful effects of radiation exposure can be contained.

With high tensions, infuriated members and frustrated delegates, Comecon’s chances of survival are thin. With the blame being directed to numerous representatives, relations are weakening and trust is unestablished. As rightfully spoken by the Czechoslovakian delegate, “If one of our nations fail, we all fail”.

More than ever, Comecon must work with a sense of unity to avoid a catastrophic separation.