Code of Conduct

We ask for your cooperation in maintaining order, both in and out of committee session, so that we may provide a professional, safe and educational conference. Throughout the duration of the conference please be aware that:

  1. All conference participants are expected to be respectful of others. Harassment in any form will not be tolerated, the nature of which includes, but not limited to, discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, ethnicity, colour, religion, sex, age, mental and physical disabilities, socio-economic status and sexual orientation. It is our view that eliminating harassment of this kind will create an open forum for discussion and understanding in which no group is excluded. Reported incidents of harassment will be thoroughly investigated and the Secretariat reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary.

  2. Delegates, staff and all other conference participants are expected to abide by Ontario and Canadian laws and Toronto by-laws. This includes, but is not limited to, laws regarding possession, trafficking and use of illegal drugs and laws regarding purchase and possession of alcohol. The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19 years of age. Delegates found engaging in illegal activities may be expelled from the Conference, and may be held criminally liable.

  3. Individuals will be held responsible for vandalism or damage that occurs in any of the conference venues. Neither UTMUN nor its agents will accept any responsibility for damage inflected by delegates.

  4. The Secretariat reserves the right to discipline or expel delegates from the Conference for inappropriate behaviour, including, but not limited to, the use of foul language, suggestive remarks and obscene body language.

  5. Solicitation of any events by individuals other than the Secretariat will not be tolerated without consent of the UTMUN Secretariat.

  6. All the conference venues are non-smoking facilities.

  7. During committee session, UTMUN has zero tolerance policy towards intoxication. Any delegate or staff caught under the influence will be expelled from their committee.

  8. The dress code for UTMUN is western business attire, or respectful wear of the national costume of the country being represented. Delegates and staff not maintaining an appropriate standard of dress will be asked to change their clothing.

Rules and Procedures

All delegates are expected to be familiar with UTMUN's rules and procedures before attending our conference. UTMUN's rules and procedures may not be the same as other conferences delegates have previously attended. Our rules and procedures can be found by clicking the link below. 


All schools and delegates must be registered before attending any conference function. UTMUN delegation and delegate fees must be paid in full before delegates will be provided with the delegate packages. If more placards, name tags, or delegate packages are required after registration, please direct your request to our Director of Logistics and Operations.

Name tags and Placards

Nametags must be worn at all times and are required for admission to any conference function, including opening ceremonies. Delegates are required to present badges to Secretariat and Security Staff upon request. Delegates are also required to have their placards at all Committee Sessions, as they will be required for identification and voting purposes; the placards must be returned to the Dais at the end of each session.


Laptop computers are permitted in all General Assemblies. Their use, however, will not be permitted in any Specialized or Crisis Committee.


UTMUN recognizes exceptional delegates and schools with awards distributed during the closing ceremonies of the conference. Awards are given to delegates who demonstrate strong preparation prior to the conference, excellent public speaking skills and exceptional diplomatic abilities, including, but not limited to encouraging compromise and negotiation in their committees through their interactions with other delegates and their resolutions. Recipients are selected by the Directors of each committee. The number of awards in a committee varies by size, but each committee will award at least one of each of the following awards:

  1. Best Delegate

  2. Outstanding Delegate

  3. Honourable Mention

In keeping with tradition, this year’s conference will also feature the Best Position Paper Award. Position papers will be evaluated by the Directors of each committee and one award will be given per committee. Exceptional position papers will not only be well-researched, but also demonstrate strong organization, clarity of structure and ideas and an ability to concisely and effectively present a country’s foreign policy on a given issue. Based on the number of delegates receiving awards, awards are then given to delegations that represent the strongest collection of delegates. Schools are recognized through the following two awards:

  1. Best Large Delegation (11 or more delegates)

  2. Best Small Delegation

Media Release

By attending all or part of a UTMUN conference, delegates, faculty advisors, guest speakers, and faculty advisors agree, unless otherwise specified, to permit UTMUN to photograph or video record their person and work produced during the conference. These images or recordings will be produced strictly for promotional purposes to be included on the UTMUN website, closing ceremonies, newsletters, pamphlets, etc. To request individual exemption from this media release, or for further information, please contact the Chargée d'Affaires at