Crisis Committees are the most challenging type of committees. They follow a slightly different procedure, often involve role-play and historical / fictional scenarios, and every decision you make has a direct impact! When going into a crisis, you never know who will win, who will lose ... and who will make it out alive. 

The Witcher

This committee will draw upon material from the series of Witcher novels and video games. It is set in a medieval fantasy world, featuring competing empires and kingdoms. Delegates will be representatives of these various powers, and will engage in warfare and diplomacy with each other, while also contending with overarching mystical threats.

Appanage Russia

This committee takes place between 1200 and 1400 and deals with the period of Mongol rule over what is now Russia. During this time, Russia was ruled as a series of vassal principalities of the Mongol Empire. Delegates will be representatives of these principalities and must work together to overthrow their Mongol overlords, while also competing with each other for dominance in the emerging Russian state.

Ending the Raj

This committee takes place as India was attempting to gain independence from the British Empire. The committee will be made up of both Hindu and Muslim characters, so that delegates will have to address how to achieve independence and also what the new state(s) will look like. Ideally this committee will not be war-focussed; though it will obviously contain violence, delegates will focus on finding creative solutions to the issues faced when nation-building.

Taking the Isles

This committee takes place between 800 and 1000, during the Norse invasions of England. These invasions were motivated by economic and political reasons, but also due to a cultural ethos of exploration and adventure. Delegates will represent Norse clans and conduct attacks on the British isles, taking land, making treaties, and finding ways to expand their own influence, all while dealing with the repercussions from England`s kings and armies.

Apple Inc.

This committee puts delegates in charge of one of the largest companies in North America: Apple Inc. Delegates will take the seats of Apple’s top executives and board of directors, and be forced to respond to the crises of the intersecting corporate and tech worlds. In the face of public inquiries, hostile takeovers, and governmental interference, delegates will also have to contend with the internal politics and intrigues of their own corporation.

The Imposed War

This committee deals with the Iran-Iraq war between 1980 and 1988. In this war, Iran fought alone against Iraq, which was supported by Saudi Arabia, the United States, and the Soviet Union. Delegates will represent members of the Iranian government; they will work to consolidate power in the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution, and also deal with the invasion by Saddam.

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Ad Hoc

Please note this committee is suitable for only the most experienced delegates. This committee is designed to challenge delegates to engage in a high level of debate in one of UTMUN’s most creative and innovative committees. The topic of the committee will not be released prior to the first committee session and neither research nor a position paper is required to participate.