University of Toronto Model United Nations (UTMUN) is a conference that provides high school students with valuable experience in debating both historical and current topics in international affairs. We are thrilled to now showcase the excellent body of work that our staff has worked hard to produce since UTMUN's founding. Click the titles for links to the PDFs. 

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2013 Background Guides

1789 French Revolutionary Forces

Arab LeagueSyrian Conflict; Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon; Stabilizing Nations Post-Revolution

Dayton Accord, 1995

Directorate of Women Gender & Development in the African UnionFemale Infanticide; Trafficking of Women During Wartime; Female Genital Mutilation

Disarmament & International Security (DISEC): Arming Revolutions; War on Drugs; Drone Warfare

Hunger Games

Joint Crisis Committee: Government of IndiaNE Rebels

LegalIntellectual Property Patents; Internet Freedom; Space Law for Commercial Spaceflights

Social, Humanitarian, Cultural (SOCHUM)Marginalization in Third-World Countries; Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling; Freedom to Riot & Rebel

United Nations Security Council: Establishing a Functional State in Somalia; South China Sea Dispute`; Afghan Transition after NATO's Withdrawal

World Health OrganizationGenetically Modified Organisms; War & Health; Pollution of the Seas