UTMUN is celebrating its 10th anniversary and Arionne is delighted to spearhead UTMUN 2017 as its Secretary General. This is Arionne's 4th year in the organization and she is excited to introduce bold changes that will shape and mold UTMUN into an exclusive academic experience for both high school and university students. As a Human Biology and Environmental Studies major, Arionne is interested in bridging the gaps and confronting the challenges between overall health and the changing environment. Her focus is how these factors will affect health care delivery and how to address widespread and emerging diseases. In her spare time, when she is not meeting with her dedicated secretariat and making her vision for UTMUN a reality, Arionne continues to be an active member on the UofT campus and can be found reading, watching Game of Thrones or eating a taco."    




Program: Third year; Peace, Conflict & Justice Studies and Ethics, Society & Law.

About: Melika has always been an avid debater. However, it was only in her senior year of high school that she decided to attend UTMUN and she has not been able to quit since. She served on the Operations Team in UTMUN 2015, as the Director of Public Relations in 2016, and is excited to be part of another fantastic UTMUN. 

Currently, Melika is involved in a research initiative poised to understand and spread awareness about the living, education, and health conditions of stateless Afghans in Tehran.

In her spare time, Melika can usually be found on campus deep into a passionate argument about global affairs or hermitting in her room with chips and Netflix.

Contact:  directorgeneral@utmun.org



Program: Second year; Ethics, Society & Law and Peace, Conflict & Justice Studies.

About: Jane is thrilled to be serving on UTMUN 2017 Secretariat as the Director of Conference Programming. She is committed to fulfilling the role to the best of her ability and is determined to make Model United Nations related social events great again. This is her sixth year being involved with Model United Nations, second Secretariat she is serving on for the 2016-2017 academic year, and first time serving on Secretariat for UTMUN.

Jane firmly believes in challenging herself and others by pushing boundaries beyond comfort zones and encourages debate and discussion both in and out of academic settings. She hopes that Model UN inspires others to explore international relations and global politics the same way it has inspired her to attend the University of Toronto and seek a career in law.

Contact: cprogramming@utmun.org



Program: Second year; International Relations and Computer Science. 

About: Harry is a second-year Trinity College student. He is incredibly excited to be serving as the Chargé d’Affaires for UTMUN 2017. Harry was the Director of the International Press Corps for UTMUN 2016, finding it one of the most fulfilling Model UN experiences he has had to date. He hopes to apply his public relations and organizational skills in his new role to ensure that UTMUN 2017 is the most smoothly-run UTMUN ever.

Harry is passionate about Model UN conferences serving as spaces where students can foster their interest in global affairs; ideally, he will ensure that the day-to-day operations of the conference are invisible to attendees, so that they may focus solely on their academic interests — and having fun.

Contact: registration@utmun.org



Program: Second year; Mechanical Engineering & Economics.

About: Andrea has been involved in Model UN since before she started high school. This year she will join the UTMUN Secretariat as Director of Public Relations. She will be the point of contact between the Secretariat and any internal and external organizations that wish to be involved with UTMUN 2017.

Andrea studies Mechanical Engineering and is deeply passionate about robotics. She is also interested in economics and business and is most excited to work with external organizations, such as hotels and sponsors, in preparation for UTMUN 2017. In her spare time, you can find her riding her bike, drinking tea, and talking about robots.

Contact: publicrelations@utmun.org



Program: Third year; Cinema Studies, Book & Media Studies and Creative Expression & Society.

About: Sydney is a Trinity College student passionate about communications and media. After working as a photographer for UTMUN2016, she is ecstatic to join UTMUN 2017 as Director of Design and Technology. Sydney has an extensive background in design and tech, having served as Communications Director for Trinity Frosh Week 2015, written for numerous publications, worked as head designer and later editor-in-chief of the Trinity yearbook, and founded her own freelance photography and design business. Sydney also spent most of her high school years zig-zagging across North America as an award-winning MUN delegate, so she knows a thing or two about the magic and mayhem in entails. Sydney can't wait to merge her skills in design and tech with her passion for international affairs to make UTMUN 2017 the best it can be.

When not MUN-ing, Sydney can be found playing video games, writing, taking photographs, and becoming overly emotional every time she sees a dog. In the future, she hopes to complete her masters in Digital Media and to work in media management and design direction while continuing to grow her freelance business. 

Contact: design@utmun.org


Program: Fourth year; International Relations and Peace, Conflict & Justice Studies.

About: Timothy Law is a 4th year student, pursuing a double major in International Relations and Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies, being specifically interested into East Asian affairs, and issues concerning the development of judicial bodies and transitional justice. For UTMUN, Timothy is the Associate Director for Design and Technology, responsible for the technological and design aspects of the conference, from the UTMUN Website to all the different conference material provided. 

Currently, Timothy is the Academic Director of Social Sciences, responsible for representing Undergraduate Social Science Students on the University of Toronto Student Union. In addition, Timothy is involved in Synergy: The Journal for Contemporary Asian Studies, acting as a journalist and design editor. In his downtime, Timothy enjoys reading, playing badminton, and watching movies. Being a past delegate and secretariat member, Timothy would like to welcome delegates, old and new alike, to UTMUN 2017!

Contact: timothy@utmun.org




Program: Second year; Urban Design, Critical Theory &  Political Theory. 

About:  Alison is delighted to be joining the Operations & Logistics team, having served as Director of Finance the year prior, and as SOMA’s Chief-of-Staff before that. Over the year, Alison will work alongside her cohorts to assemble UTMUN’s most smashing Operations staff yet, not to mention some of the university’s handsomest committee rooms and venues, all in pursuit of realizing a conference worthy of UTMUN’s tenth anniversary.

Besides UTMUN, Alison is a volunteer at UofT Accessibility Services. In her free time, she loves to learn about coffee, a passion that has translated into a barista gig at Dark Horse Espresso Bar. She also loves to take on personal projects (especially in things in which she has no formal training), an impulse that has led to a series of acrylics based off of Frank Ocean’s Blonde.

Contact: operations@utmun.org

IMG_9466 copy.jpg


Program: Second year; International Relations and History. 

About: Serving as Director of Operations for UTMUN 2017, Graydon is responsible for every stage of operations, from initial planning to the events of the conference. In this role he will lead his Operations team in efficiently and effectively organizing all tasks prior to, and during the conference. This includes, though is not limited to, booking committee rooms, preparing stationary packages for delegates and staff, as well as communicating with the Secretariat and the conference’s vendors.

Graydon has previously served as a Director and Moderator of the Magna Carta Committee in UTMUN, and has also been involved with NAMUN. Outside of M odel UN, Graydon is an active member of Trinity College, while also serving on the International Relations Society Executive, a volunteer piano teacher with Musical Minds Community Outreach, and a compliance analyst with the G7 Research Group.

Graydon looks forward to making UTMUN 2017 the best one yet!

Contact: graydon@utmun.org



Program: Fourth year; Ethics, Society & Law and Political Science

About: Mia will be serving as Director of Conference Services for UTMUN 2017. She will work closely with the Operations Team, help manage the logistics of the conference, and act as the main correspondent between Secretariat and the staff advisors. Mia began participating with UTMUN as an Operations team member for UTMUN 2015, served as the Director of Conference Services for UTMUN 2016, and is thrilled to be returning for UTMUN 2017.

Outside of UTMUN, Mia is a compliance analyst for the G8/G20 Research Group at the Munk School of Global Affairs, has intentions of attending law school after completing her undergraduate degree, thinks we should consider abolishing Canada's current prison system, and loves petting dogs. She looks forward to helping create an environment that fosters creative and intelligent though while allowing delegates to engage in non-traditional learning experiences and eagerly welcomes you all to what will surely be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Contact:  services@utmun.org



Program: Third year; Engineering Physics

About: Eric is excited to join the UTMUN 2017 Secretariat as the Director of Finance. Having been a UTMUN staffer for two years -- and a delegate for three more -- Eric is well versed in the ways of Model United Nations at U of T. With previous experience at BMO Wealth Management, OANDA Corporation, and the Government of Ontario, Eric also brings a solid background in finance.

Eric is pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science, with further specialization in Infrastructure Engineering. When not studying, Eric serves part time as a reserve officer on HMCS York, Toronto’s very own naval reserve division. He also enjoys sailing, running, and scuba diving.

Contact: finance@utmun.org




Program: Fourth year; History and Renaissance Studies

About: Heather is excited to continue her involvement with UTMUN, having previously served as Director of Crisis Committees for UTMUN 2016. As Under-Secretary-General Academic, she is responsible for the committees of each academic branch, from initial committee proposals to the final background guides. She ultimately hopes to create an engaging environment for delegates to debate a variety of historical and political topics.

In addition to UTMUN, Heather works as an undergraduate research assistant for the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies. She is also passionate about creating new educational strategies and launched a Project Based Learning initiative with her former high school to give students the opportunity to shape their own education. In her free time, Heather can be found training with the Victoria College Dragon Boat team or drinking far too much coffee for her own good.

Contact: academics@utmun.org


Program: Fourth year; Political Science and Human Geography 

About: Stanley is excited to be serving as UTMUN's Director of Specialized Assemblies for UTMUN 2017, and can't wait to work with the secretariat and staff in organizing amazing committees and a successful conference. Stanley is currently a fourth year student at U of T studying political science and human geography, and has been heavily involved in the MUN community at UofT since his first year. He has directed for UTMUN twice, and has staffed for both NAMUN and SSICsim. Meanwhile, he has served two years on the executive of the United Nations Society as training director and vice-president. Stanley also looks forward to being part of the founding team for Model Parliament at U of T, and is excited in further building the school's vibrant MUN community. Apart from MUN, Stanley is involved with the campus NDP, TUGS, and other political groups, and also enjoys activities such as photography and playing piano. You can also usually find him eating shawarma at nearly every occasion.

Contact: stanley@utmun.org



Program: Second year; Math, Economics, and Political Science

About: David is excited to continue his involvement with UTMUN! As a high school student he participated in UTMUN for three years, tackling a diverse range of committees, and had his first staff role as Moderator last year. As Director of General Assemblies, David is keen to work with the other members of the Secretariat to provide the best conference experience possible, and build on his experiences. David has a passion for international economics, politics, security, and health, and strongly believes that exploring these topics through MUNs educates and engages students at all levels.

Beyond UTMUN, David volunteers with the Victoria College Drama Society, and hopes to become more involved with the wider U of T MUN community. Some of his best high school memories came from MUNs at U of T, and David relishes the chance to make new ones!

Contact: david@utmun.org



Program: Third year; Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations Specialist (Ancient Stream), Linguistics (German and Arabic).

About: Jason Silvestri is a third year student at University College, pursuing a specialist degree in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (Ancient Stream).  After graduation, and graduate school, he hopes to become a professional Egyptologist.  He is excited to serve as UTMUN 2017’s Director of Crisis Committees, a role which he hopes to advance through the introduction of more dynamic and innovative mechanics for crisis committees.  Having been involved in Model UN since the sixth grade, he has attended countless conferences around the United States and Canada; Jason hopes to use his years of experience to create an even more engaging crisis simulation for the delegates. 

In addition to Model UN, Jason is active in the Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations Undergraduate Student Union and in the UC Residence community.  While not at U of T, he enjoys international travel and hiking and kayaking around his home state of Massachusetts.  

Contact: jason@utmun.org